Pieta Brevonnes

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Eglise Saint-Clément
Rue de Champagne
10220 Brévonnes
Latitude: 48.360127
Longitude: 4.399381
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The monks of the abbey of Montier-le-Celle near Troyes probably once prayed before me. A devout soul has since had built the modest oratory of Marmoret, to stop travellers for a moment at the crossroads and to arouse their pity.
His path finished on the cross. They took down his wounded body and once again for a moment, before burying him, they put him on my knees, like when he was a child…
The artist, influenced in this second half of the C15th by the realistic art of Flanders, has hidden my pain in the ample folds of my cloak and nearly completely covered my eyes that have cried too much. He must have seen death, during the course of the Hundred Years War that was so terrifying in Champagne, with those stiffened corpses… but the elbows are awkward!
You that see my pain, sympathize with all the mothers who have known it, who will know it again, the pain of hugging to their breast the corpse of the child to which they gave birth.

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Pieta Brevonnes
Rue de Champagne
10220 Brévonnes

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