Saint-Quirinus de Pel et Der

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Eglise de l'Assomption
Grande Rue de Pel
10500 Pel et Der
Latitude: 48.403333
Longitude: 4.414914
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By what mystery does my excellent statue stand here in the entrance to this beautiful C16th building? This church conserves a relic , my arm, probably brought back from the Holy Land at the time of the Crusades by the counts of Brienne, seigniors of this village. I was a Roman soldier of high rank,
equivalent to a colonel, tortured in Rome in the C2nd. My cult is rare.
I look proud, my body is at ease in its sumptuous armour, provided with the latest technical improvements. It is certainly not in all innocence that the seigniors of Brienne commanded my effigy from a sculptor who knew how to correctly portray the volume of a body in space. It was possibly the Master of Chaource, maybe the most important, in these first years of the C16th . This family's goods had been confiscated thirty years earlier under Louis XI, at the time of the execution for high treason of the constable of Saint - Pol, count of Brienne. The constable was the head of the armies and the first dignitary of the kingdom. King Louis XII had just forgiven them and returned the county of Brienne to the traitor's son, Antoine, who died in 1516. It was the latter who had me portrayed in this vivid way, wanting to re-establish the aristocratic caste and especially to reconcile his father's soul by my intercession, me an officer and martyr of the Roman army?

MR. H. 09-10-1961

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Saint-Quirinus de Pel et Der
Grande Rue de Pel
10500 Pel et Der

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