Stained Glass Window Creation of the World Dienville

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Eglise Saint-Quentin
Rue Grégoire Royer
10500 Dienville
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I am a stained glass window representing one of the most loved themes at the beginning of the C16th.There are several examples in the department. The finest is in St Madeleine in Troyes. It must be said that I’m made to be looked at with my lively colours. The events depicted here have always fascinated men from Moses to Professor Coppens : the origin of the world, life, man and his suffering.
Look at me carefully. Start at the bottom left and continue from left to right until you reach the top. : God represented as a pope, clothed in a precious cope and wearing on his head a triple crown (tiara), creating the heavens, the fishes and the fowls, and again the animals…, «and God saw that it was good». This is followed by the creation of the first man, Adam .From one of his ribs God made Eve to give him a companion in the earthly paradise… There’s the snake, the Tempter, rolled up around a tree, the divine malediction… All these pictures are so meaningful, inspired from some universal chronicle printed in the last years of the C15th. It had something reassuring as it was then necessary to integrate in the collective imagination the new continent and its inhabitants discovered by Christopher Columbus. There was also Luther and the Reformation that would challenge the faith of centuries .He also asked the question of man’s responsibility for his acts.

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Stained Glass Window Creation of the World Dienville
Rue Grégoire Royer
10500 Dienville

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