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Three Statues of the Virgin and Child Church Rouilly-Sacey

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Eglise de Saint-Martin

Rue de l'Ecole
10220 Rouilly-Sacey
Latitude: 48.345683
Longitude: 4.262255
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No, you are not in the waiting room of a postnatal clinic! But we are truly three young mums with their small children aged about one to one and a half years, you know that’s the age where their character begins to develop, and where the worries start and I must say that these three will create many for their mums! Because we are three representations of the Virgin Mary with the infant Jesus and we are the witnesses to four centuries of Marian devotion in this small corner of the Champagne region

Me, I’m the oldest; I was sculpted at the end of the C12th, during the reigns of either Count Henri the Liberal or Henri II. I am almost the only witness in this region, to the important art of sculptors who came from the most important political and artistic centres; the merchants, who frequented the fairs of Champagne, also came from all over Europe. I am seated, like many Romanesque virgins, the draping of my cloak and my dress are perfectly handled. I am not holding the child in my arms, but I am showing the resurrected Christ. Posed on my arm, my Jesus sits, already judging the world that he carries in the shape of globe in his hand. Unobtrusive, I close my eyes and my full face, although serious and melancholic, is smiling and invites you to contemplate.

Me said the tall stone virgin, upright and majestic, more than a century and half, separates me from my wooden sister! I am a witness to the less deep piety of the last peaceful decades of medieval Europe, before the plagues, the outbreak of the Hundred Years War and the big schism that was going to divide the Christians in Europe. I emanate a powerful naturalism far from the mannerism of the court of the last direct Capetiens that had just recovered for the crown of France the rights to the Champagne region. My ease, the elegance of my clothes whose folds descend soberly comes from the chisel of an important European master formed in the south of Europe, maybe in Italy, or Spain (The last counts of Champagne were they not also kings of Navarre?) or Provence, but I was also sumptuously enriched with lively colours that can still be distinguished. Like my elder sister, the sculptor has given my face an expression of solemn happiness: I would like to smile as I can see my little one playing with the pretty bouquet of flowers that he has just offered me. But this Jesus with his delicate hands and feet might prick himself on the rose thorns ... these hands and these feet that... no, I prefer to taste with you, again for a moment, the happiness of being a mother.


More than two and a half centuries later said the beautiful wooden polychrome virgin I was made. I am also a witness to the happiness of being a mother. He is beautiful my chubby Jesus like a mischievous Italian baby. I am also a witness to the Champagne region’s hope of recovering peace after those cursed civil and religious wars: the sculptor didn't choose me among the ladies of the court, but among our local beauties. He chose me young, very young, pretty, very pretty, have you noticed the beautiful cloth of my dress and my cloak so harmoniously pleated, the delicacy of my belt in ribbon ornamented with a pretty chain and a jewel, his care with my hair and the contours of my bodice. I would like to taste this undivided joy a long time but, why does Jesus watch so fixedly this small vase that I am holding in my right hand, it contains an ointment to perfume his pretty body. A time will come where holy women will smear this same body removed from the cross. This is why, like my sisters united here by the hazards of history in this small village church; a veil of sadness tinges my expression.

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Three Statues of the Virgin and Child Church Rouilly-Sacey

Rue de l'Ecole
10220 Rouilly-Sacey

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Mail info@pnrfo.org