Saint-Gengoul de Sacey

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Eglise Saint-Gengoul
Route du Balcon du Parc
10220 Sacey
Latitude: 48.347736
Longitude: 4.275699
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See how elegant I am! I am St Gengoul, clothed like a prince : large cloak completed by a tippet on the shoulders, puffed short pants, a fine shirt with a fluted collar; I am wearing on my head a feathered hat, at my side a sword. I am holding on my right arm the basin of a fountain, in my left hand a handful of bait, which a falcon (that’s disappeared?) was pecking!
Monsieur the cure ,who offered me, is on his knees at my feet on a prie-dieu marked with his coat of arms. I am the patron saint of this church and also the patron saint of deceived husbands because my wife had plotted my death (May 11th 760 A.D.). I am thus venerated as the martyr of conjugal faith. My cult is widespread in the east of France, in Champagne and as far as Holland.
My legend is told in the old lives of saints, it says that I belonged to a very noble family from Burgundy. This explains why the sculptor gave me in 1533, the elegant look of a noble of his time, also notice the hunting dog behind me. My military skill was appreciated by Pepin the Short. My legend is marked by astonishing signs : my sword that made water flow, the blackened hand of my wife in the water of a fountain… some authors have linked my cult to that of the Celtic god Lug. The latter had one leg longer than the other, which would explain the obvious unbalance of my body, unless the artist from Champagne wanted to bring out the clumsiness of my attitude that would have given some excuses to my wife!

MR. H. 18-02-1908 

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Saint-Gengoul de Sacey
Route du Balcon du Parc
10220 Sacey

Tel 03 25 43 38 88