Funeral Statue Louise de Coligny Thennelières

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Eglise Saint-Léon
Voie de Champigny
10410 Thennelières
Latitude: 48.291031
Longitude: 4.174783
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Who is this ghost with the livid face that stands up thus before you? No it is not Catherine de Medici, but you have correctly guessed the period. I am the statue of a recumbent figure that has been raised because the urchins of the catechism class played leapfrog on me behind the back of M. the cure.
Effigy of Louise of Coligny, I was made very realistically in marble by experienced artists, probably Germain Pilon at the end of his career and his assistants, according to an original, maybe as was then the practise, according to my mortuary mask. It is also necessary to say that in those turbulent times our families supported the best contemporary artists (Holbein, Clouet and others portrayed us). If I am so sad, it is that at the moment when I was buried in this church in 1589, the long period of the Wars of Religion had recently ended, forty years that cost so much especially in lives, in the kingdom and in my family, at the time of the Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. The Montmorency-Chatillon-Colignies were one of the first lineages of France and many amongst them were Protestants.
How can we explain my sepulchre, accompanied by such a work of art in this very poor church? You just have to understand how feudal society worked. I was the wife of a member of an important family in the Champagne region, the Dintevilles, Lords of Polisy, Thennelières and other places. The seignior who protected these villages and was the justice, maintained the part of the church where he sat when he attended the offices and… the burial of his family. My husband, his parents and his brothers – all zealous servants of the kings – were buried in Polisy. I originally wanted to be buried at their sides but, widow for close to forty years, I preferred Thennelières, because my son and daughter rested there already.

MR. H. 15-09-1894 

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Funeral Statue Louise de Coligny Thennelières
Voie de Champigny
10410 Thennelières

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