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Eglise Saint-Antoine
Rue du Temple
10140 La Loge-aux-Chèvres
Latitude: 48.271094
Longitude: 4.411842
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I replaced a small wooden building with gothic arches. I am not just a witness to the monumental churches constructed in the classical style that triumphed in the Champagne region in the middle of the C16th but I also preserve the memory of a prestigious domestic ceremony for which I was ordered. On my sides a beautiful inscription gives the details of the circumstances. I was certainly filled for the first time in my function as font, in 1559, on the occasion of the baptism of a child of the noble Jehan (VI) of Mesgrigny, president of a tribunal in Troyes, seignior of La Loge-aux-Chévres (and also La Villeneuve-aux-chênes) and Lady Marie de Pleure. By my lions heads (emblem of the Mesgrigny’s), by the coats of arms that I bear for the families of Mesgrigny and Pleurs, and perhaps moreover for my aspect «current taste»: a very purified classicism, I testify to the will of these families in full social ascension, not only to reinforce their implantation on the farmlands that were a source of regular incomes, but to also guide tastes toward court models.

M. H. 12-01-1977 

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Font La Loge-aux-Chévres
Rue du Temple
10140 La Loge-aux-Chèvres

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